Ryan Van Duzer on Snakes, YouTube, the Burning Man Ultra, & More (Ep.43)


  • Running the Caballo Blanco Ultra (1:55)
  • Bringing his mom along for adventures (7:32)
  • Running BOLDERBoulder 10K at age six (9:06)
  • Snakes (12:55)
  • Suffering at his first marathon (18:06)
  • Launching a career in travel journalism (21:54)
  • Moving from television to YouTube (27:25)
  • “Running with Ryan” Series (30:25)
  • Preparing (or not?) for his fourth Javelina 100 (35:07)
  • Maintaining “relentless” positivity (46:10)
  • Burning Man Ultra Marathon (50:11)

Our guest today is Ryan Van Duzer, who has basically been running his whole life, and who has a YouTube series called, Running with Ryan — and last fall, as my Off The Couch co-host, Brendan Leonard, was nearing his goal of running 52 marathons in 52 weeks, Ryan had Brendan as a guest on Running with Ryan. So we thought we’d give Brendan the chance to turn the tables and have him interview Ryan. And that proved to be a good idea.

Brendan talks to Ryan about catching and raising snakes; about his ride across the country on a cruiser bike; and how Ryan started up his YouTube Channel and his series, “Running with Ryan.” They also talk about Ryan’s typical training program (which Ryan sums up as “being chronically undertrained”); the Burning Man Ultra Marathon; some of the other amazing places that running has taken Ryan; and more.

Ryan Van Duzer goes on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast to discuss his running career, YouTube channel Running With Ryan, & More
Ryan Van Duzer at the Caballo Blanco Ultra.

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