Shop Talk: Backcountry Essentials, Bellingham WA (Ep.128)

Backcountry Essentials: Our Blister Recommended Shop in Bellingham, WA
Backcountry Essentials' exceptionally well stocked beer fridge

We’re talking with Chris Gerston, founder of Backcountry Essentials, talking about Bellingham; starting Backcountry Essentials; and some of the gear that he thinks works really well for skiing at Mt Baker and for volcano. skiing.


  • Gear & Beer (4:14)
  • Bellingham, Washington (6:20)
  • If Mt Baker were a beer… (7:14)
  • Starting Backcountry Essentials (8:29)
  • Quiver Killers & Tele & Disco (15:40)
  • Favorite products for Mt Baker & volcano skiing (19:27)


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  1. After listening to this episode, I’m super curious to see if you guys get a hold of some of the Lib Tech skis for reviews. Their edge technology seems pretty interesting…

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