Shop Talk: Tyson Stellrecht, Boise Gear Collective (Ep.123)

Boise Gear Collective founder, Tyson Stellrecht went to Blister HQ at Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado to discuss on their GEAR:30 Podcast running his shop, the used-gear ski and snowboard market, why Tyson is not getting into e-commerce, and more
Boise Gear Collective founder, Tyson Stellrecht, in Blister HQ, Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado.

Today we’ve got another edition of Shop Talk, where we talk with one of our Blister Recommended Shops to get their perspective on a mix of topics that range from broadly applicable to all of us, to topics that help us better understand what’s going on in the specific local community that each shop serves.

Earlier this week I got to sit down in Blister headquarters with Tyson Stellrecht, the founder of Boise Gear Collective, to talk about the selling of both used gear and brand new gear; how it’s going with one year later; why Tyson isn’t moving into e-commerce; gear snobs; predictions for the upcoming season; and more.


  • The outdoor scene around Boise (5:12)
  • – one year later (8:09)
  • Tyson’s backstory & starting a used gear shop (14:16)
  • The value of offering used gear & new & service (21:45)
  • Why Tyson isn’t moving into e-commerce (24:40)
  • Starting to sell new gear alongside used (33:17)
  • Gear snobs (42:00)
  • Predictions for the upcoming winter (50:34)
  • What We’re Celebrating (59:40)


4 comments on “Shop Talk: Tyson Stellrecht, Boise Gear Collective (Ep.123)”

  1. Really refreshing to hear about the cost of entry being talked about more often and the importance of having good gear education available to people who either aren’t able to afford new or are just getting into the sport and wanting to test the waters.

  2. The Hoarding Marmot is one of the best shops here in Anchorage! It make me so happy to hear that there is such a sense of community among consignment shop owners. That attitude filters right down to the customer experience and will keep me coming back to shops like this.

  3. I would define “gear snob” as someone who thinks anything but brand new ON3P skis with Look Pivots are the absolute only ski setup worth considering (picking example brands). Or take an attitude that if a ski is more than 3 years old it might as well be a zero sidecut ski from the 80s.

  4. I think the key distinction here is maybe “gear snob” vs “gear nerd.” Clearly the blister team, Tyson, and most of the readers / listeners are gear nerds. The blister team and Tyson importantly really feel like the opposite of gear snobs.

    For example, if you go to the alpine binding or touring binding round ups, they basically say “all these feel identical on snow” and I think Luke even picked 3 different alpine bindings in his 5 ski quiver.

    Anyway, this was awesome. I wish more stores sold used skis. I would own so many more skis!

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