Ski Boot Liners: Zipfit & Atomic Mimic Professional (Ep.140)

Sascha Anastas & Jonathan Ellsworth discuss on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast Zipfit liners and Atomic's Mimic Professional Liner
Sascha Anastas getting a pair of Zipfit Liners fitted

Sascha Anastas and I discuss a couple of new liners that we’re reviewing: Sascha is in the Zipfit World Cup liner, and I am now in the Atomic Mimic Professional liner that Matt Manser and I talked about on episode #132 of GEAR:30.

And be sure to check out the Blister Summit Panel sessions that we’re rolling out on our BLISTER YouTube channel. We just posted a conversation about Rossignol’s 21/22 lineup — and Rossi’s decision to retire their “7 Series” and the Soul 7, and what they are going for with their Black Ops series that replaces it.



Sascha Anastas & Jonathan Ellsworth discuss on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast Zipfit liners and Atomic's Mimic Professional Liner
Jonathan's Atomic Mimic Professional Liner after custom fitting w/ Hunter @ The Alpineer in Crested Butte, Colorado.

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  1. I replaced the liners in my last year’s model Hawk Ultra XTD, with the Mimics, and while I like them a lot better than the old liners, my boots are totally maxed out in buckle adjustment. I can’t make them any tighter and they are too loose (both the boot and liner were heat molded.) Already have custom footbeds, so I’m going to have to get additional padding.

    • Hi John – normally buckles shouldn’t be fully maxed out (on the last catch of the toothplate), so it almost sounds like you either have an extremely low volume/narrow foot or you are potentially in the wrong size boot for your foot. It’s incredibly difficult to say without seeing your foot in the boot, but just something you should check with your boot-fitter.

      In the realm of “stock” liners, our regular Mimic liners do a great job of reshaping their stock materials to your heel, ankle, instep, shin, and calf muscle. They are by far one of the most custom stock options at the moment, but they aren’t able to reduce the volume of the fit- they can only reshape to you, not fill in excess space.

      This is where Mimic Professional will come in- you get all of the material reshaping of the heel, ankle, instep, shin, and calf areas but also foam injection technology to fully create your ideal next-to-skin fit, perfectly crafted for your left foot and right foot. Mimic Professional liners are also compatible with our V3 Tongue System which allow for equipping your liner with one of three different tongue volumes to further perfect the fit.

  2. Def pumped to try the atomic pro series – and will probably put the dual strap on any boot I ride as a replacement for booster straps. For me, zipfits have been a game changer – have the free ride series and love them for resort skiing – they’re a game changer

  3. So Jonathan you’re going to test the mimic liner in the Hawks ultra boot. So You are actually demoing the boot and the liner. Seems it would’ve been better to try the liner in your raptor to just get an opinion on just the liner.
    Then demo the Hawks ultra and liner

  4. Finishing up my 3rd season in the WorldCup ZipFits (as seen in photo above). Absolutely love them! Not only do they provide a nice snug fit which noticeable increases your feel on snow from day one the neoprene adds some insulation. They’re inside my Rosi WC 130 shells and I plan on taking them to my next shell in a year or so. I also use Sole foot beds that you mold at home. Little longer to boot up since you need to put the liners on first then into the shell but the little extra effort is well worth it.

  5. Hi from Sweden,
    Does the Atomic Mimic Professional liner only fit Atomic boots, or can it be used as an aftermarket customizable liner for other boot brands?
    I have the Salomon Shift Pro 120 boots, and I’m looking for a custom liner. Would they work together?

    • Hi Stefan – yes you can use a Mimic Professional liner in the Shift Pro boot, but the current range of Mimic Pro liners do not have an articulating cuff. So while you will get the fit you want, the touring ability of your boot will be affected. It would make for a great “resort day” liner, but not a great touring liner.

      • Got it, thanks for the quick reply. I use the Salomon boots mainly for resort offpiste skiing anyway, and other boots for long hauls.

  6. Hi Matt @OneNerdykid………..I am size 26.5 with very narrow feet (91mm last width). I am an expert skier who mainly likes to arc high speed GS turns on steep groomed runs. Weight is 150 lbs and using Dynastar Master Speed GS (180 cm) skis. What Atomic boot is best for me? Will the new Club Sport with 96 mm last be to wide for me or does the new Mimic professional liner have the ability to take up all of the extra space and provide just as tight a performance fit as the atomic WC boot with a 92 mm last. Or am I better off getting the STI 130 with a 93mm last? Are the new Mimic professional liners warmer and just as connected performance wise as the world cup STI liners or is it better to get a boot and shell with my true last width and a thinner liner? Does the Mimic professional liner with foam injection in a 96 mm last Club Sport boot take up all the extra volume for a 91 mm last foot just as well or am I better off getting your narrower 92 or 93 mm WC or STI Redster boots? Thanks so much for any guidance you can provide.

    • Hi Pablo, It’s really hard to do this on the internet without seeing your feet but I would guess the Redster STI is a better starting point for you. This is our tightest fitting / lowest volume option and it is designed with lighter racers in mind (the plastic is slightly thinner which makes it easier for lighter skiers to flex). We don’t offer a complete “Professional” STI boot, but we do make a Mimic Professional liner for it. You can start with the standard STI 130 and go from there.

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