Ski Quivers for Garden Gnomes, 1-Year-Olds, & Heli Guides (Ep.125)

Paul Forward and Sascha Anastas go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss how they think about ski quivers, their personal ski-quiver picks, quivers for babies, quivers for heli-ski guides, and more
Paul Forward on the DPS Alchemist Lotus 124, Chugach Powder Guides, AK. (photo by Charlie Renfro)

We talk to Blister reviewers Sascha Anastas & Paul Forward about their ski quivers; binding preferences; coffee in AK; your questions; and more.


  • Sascha’s quiver selections (10:17)
  • Sascha’s general take on bindings (23:45)
  • Paul’s 18-month-old son’s ski quiver (30:51)
  • Shocking coffee revelations about Girdwood, AK (33:24)
  • Best pow ski, regardless of place? (39:43)
  • Blister member questions (44:01)
  • Paul’s 3-ski quiver (51:13)
  • DPS Lotus 124 vs DPS Koala 119 (58:21)
  • Bindings (another shocking revelation) (1:02:21)
  • Paul’s 2-ski quiver (1:06:07)
  • Paul’s 1-ski quiver (1:10:15)


3 comments on “Ski Quivers for Garden Gnomes, 1-Year-Olds, & Heli Guides (Ep.125)”

  1. “Why does the Look Pivot have such a loyal following?” may be the more interesting question because it’s the one binding where people can get a little religious about it (myself included). This comes from freestyle where for some reason Pivots avoid pre-releasing better than the others in landings (and making powerful last-second moves in tight terrain, a claim I am much less confident on). Anyway, I think it would be an interesting article to see if there was something to the anecdotal experience or the market signal (i.e., events like World Cup Moguls and freestyle events are dominated by the Pivot). It would be cool if Blister could see if there’s any evidence behind the following. In my experience, I set my Pivots at 11 and have no pre-release issues, I need to 2+ more to the din setting for any other manufacturer.

    Also, I loved the STH2, but switched to Pivots because I had the same issues as Paul Forward in the 2000’s. I would constantly need to dial-in the binding with the wings and height, and eventually, the heel got loose too.

  2. Loved Paul’s answer about quiver size. Do I *need* 3 120+ underfoot powder skis, and [redacted, too embarrassing] pairs of 2300g+, 11x underfoot chargers? Probably not. Is buying used skis on the cheap and trying out lots of stuff fun? Yes.

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