Skid Row Running Club founder, Judge Craig Mitchell (Ep. 57)


  • The judge’s running background (2:40)
  • The Midnight Mission & the running club (5:37)
  • What / where is Skid Row? (7:54)
  • Who are the club members? (11:29)
  • The club’s international marathons (12:58)
  • Stories of specific members (18:10)
  • Police & the duty to Protect & to Serve (27:30)
  • Mandatory minimum sentencing reform (33:03)
  • The importance of jury duty service (37:24)
  • Best ways to support the running club? (39:26)
  • Do you have a dream race for the club (42:04)

The Skid Row Running Club is “an unusual running club that uses the power of running to improve the lives of those who are at risk of homelessness and addiction” in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles, California. And this week we talk to the club founder, Judge Craig Mitchell, about why he started the club; his background as a runner and highschool teacher; the duty of police officers to protect and serve; the need for minimum sentencing reform; and much more.

Check out below the trailer for the Skid Row Marathon film, and click here for ways to watch the full film.

Judge Craig Mitchell goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss the Skid Row Running Club
Judge Craig Mitchell (with the dog) & the Skid Row Running Club

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  1. Originally I started looking at this site for the ski content of course but stayed for the content like this. I read most of what is on this site including such things as reviews on baby clothes and running shoes, of which I have no interest. Great site. Thank you for making the quarantine and my recovery from hip surgery bearable. I think my favorite review was on truffles from South America on one of your ski trips. This review seems to be no longer on the site but I thought at the time – what site gives you first rate ski reviews and a serious review of truffles. THANK YOU.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful interview. I have been a proud member of the Skid Row Running Club for two years – I joined within days of seeing Skid Row Marathon for the first time (I have since seen it at least 10 more times) – and being a part of this family has brought joy to my life and allows me to contribute to people I would not otherwise have the opportunity to get to know.

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