Stan Rey & Alexi Godbout on Skiing Pillows; Spit Cups; & Their New Film (Ep.145)

We’ve got a really fun one for you today — Alexi Godbout and Stan Rey are on the show talking about their new film, Follow the Forecast, which features a bunch of good friends who happen to be really good at skiing. We also talk about potential alternate titles for the film; what’s harder: ski mountaineering or skiing pillows?; who won the movie? (it’s debatable, but it’s definitely not Cody Townsend); and yes, Stan’s spit cup.


  • – Come live & work in the Gunnison Valley!


  • Introductions (4:18)
  • The story behind Blank Collective (6:31)
  • Why did you let that guy Cody be in the film?? (9:32)
  • Favorite segment in the film? (22:20)
  • The music (23:57)
  • Alternate Film Title Suggestions (25:52)
  • Stan’s favorite joke (30:24)
  • “Doggy” (35:46)
  • The best cheap ski products of all time? (38:10)
  • Favorite non-ski movies? (41:24)
  • Who won the movie? (46:23)
  • Best Crash Award (48:18)
Stan Rey and Alexi Godbout go on the Blister Podcast to discuss Blank Collective's new film, Follow The Forecast
Stan Rey during the filming of Blank Collective's "Follow the Forecast." (photo by Jeff Thomas)

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