Folsom Skis 20/21 Lineup + Update on our Buyer’s Guide (Ep.117)

Folsom Skis CEO Mike McCabe goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss Folsom's PPE production, their Spar Turbo ski, and their 20/21 ski lineup
An assortment of Folsom’s 20/21 graphics

We’ve got Folsom Skis CEO, Mike McCabe, back on the show to catch us up on what’s been going on at Folsom; the PPE equipment they’ve been making; their lineup for the 20/21 season; and more. Mike also flips the script and asks me how things have been at Blister, and we wrap with what we’re celebrating this week. I also provide a quick update on the status of our 20/21 Winter Blister Buyer’s Guide.


  • Update on our Blister Buyer’s Guide (1:52)
  • Update on Folsom (5:53)
  • PPE (6:57)
  • Folsom’s Pop-Up Shop in Aspen (17:31)
  • Who is the Folsom customer now? (22:33)
  • Spar 88 (27:45)
  • Spar 78 (37:15)
  • Spar Turbo (43:21)
  • “Favorable” Rocker (47:54)
  • Primary 104 (51:40)
  • Touring Constructions (55:36)
  • Mike’s question for Jonathan (58:37)
  • What Mike’s celebrating this week (1:00:56)
  • What Jonathan’s celebrating this week (1:03:42)


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