Stevie Kremer on the NYC Marathon & More (Ep.27)


  • Running in freezing temps (5:15)
  • NYC Marathon: gory details & lessons learned (8:23)
  • Cuba?? (23:40)
  • Books & TV shows (26:00)
  • The switch from teaching to counseling (27:20)
  • Winter plans + how many kids is too many?? (31:06)
  • Thoughts on Big’s Backyard Ultra (33:35)
  • What Stevie loves (and hates) about running (42:21)

Stevie Kremer is back on the show, and she came to BLISTER HQ to talk about her experience at this year’s New York City Marathon — including all the gory details and the lessons she learned; the things about running she truly loves and truly hates the most; how many children is too many children, and more.

Stevie Kremer goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss the New York City Marathon and more.
Stevie Kremer

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