Sugar Cane, Castor Beans, & Poly Bags — Picture Organic Clothing (Ep.91)


  • Julian & Flo’s background (1:00)
  • Sustainability practices (5:55)
  • Poly Bags (11:14)
  • What are the big sustainability problems you can solve? (22:20)
  • Wearing atmosphere-captured carbon?? (24:10)
  • Castor Bean Oil (28:00)
  • Cost vs. Performance (31:50)
  • Converting sugar cane into polyester? (34:12)
  • Picture Organic’s “Xpore” (36:40)

Some of the sustainability practices of Picture Organic Clothing are familiar — recycled nylon and polyester; responsibly sourced wool; organic cotton; PFC-free DWR’s; the list goes on.

But Picture is going way beyond these more common practices with things like castor bean oil waterproof membranes and sugar cane waste-derived polyester, and they are attempting to eliminate polybags from their entire supply chain. So Sam Shaheen sat down with Picture’s co-founder, Julien Durant, and their sustainability manager, Florian Palluel to talk about these ambitious projects. And then we go in-depth on the new air-permeable membrane, Xpore, that they are putting in direct competition with Gore Pro and TNF Futurelight.

Picture Organic's co-founder, Julien Durant, and their sustainability manager, Florian Palluel, go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss the brand's new XPore membrane, Demain Jacket, and their sustainability practices
Picture Organic Demain Jacket

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