The Basics of Servicing Your Bike, with Simon Stewart (Ep. 18)


  • Simon’s background: Ireland, Tanks, & Harleys (4:59)
  • Bike Prep: Avoid Catastrophe / Best ‘Bang for the Bother’ (28:15)
  • Tires (30:58)
  • Brakes (33:14)
  • Critical Fasteners (33:59)
  • Drivetrain (35:52)
  • Suspension (42:58)
  • Tire Sealant (48:51)

For many of us, it will soon be time to dust off our bikes and get back to riding. So what are some of the most important things you can do to your bike if you haven’t been riding it?

To answer this, we talked to Simon Stewart, who has a wealth of knowledge about servicing bikes that comes from his experience working at bike shops; being a mountain bike guide; writing and reviewing for Bike Magazine and Dirt Rag magazine; working for SRAM as a technical ambassador and a SRAM Technical University Instructor; and from currently owning and running the bike shop, Boneshaker Cycles, in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Simon Stewart breaks down the basics of servicing your bike on Blister's Bikes and Big Ideas podcast
Simon Stewart at Boneshaker Cycles, Buena Vista, CO

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