The Blister Summit: What It Is, Why We Made It, & Why You Should Come (Ep.134)

Blister Outdoor Gear review Crested Butte
Mt. Crested Butte on February 4th, 2021

Our inaugural Blister Summit launches in less than two weeks! So Kristin Sinnott, our Blister Summit director, and I talk about the origins of the idea, why we think it’s important; why we think you should come!; and we cover a ton of the details and logistics of this first-of-its-kind event in the snowsports world.


  • Origins of the idea for the Blister Summit (5:09)
  • Collecting feedback from Summit participants (9:35)
  • The Summit as a “Ski Tasting” event (13:15)
  • Don’t be intimidated about providing feedback (16:25)
  • Interlude: Baby Ski Quivers (22:30)
  • Backcountry portion of the Summit (23:39)
  • Which ski brands will be there? (31:50)
  • Why launch the Summit this year? / Health protocols (33:03)
  • Summit Swag! (40:45)
  • What We’re Celebrating This Week (42:03)


3 comments on “The Blister Summit: What It Is, Why We Made It, & Why You Should Come (Ep.134)”

  1. I would love to hear some of the questions you ask people to get their opinion on skis, maybe in a follow up podcast after the event.

  2. Great to hear about the origins and how long it has been in the planning. There are only so many ways I can say I am gutted not to be able to come this year.

    Ski Sommeliers sounds like a great moniker! As long as you don’t get all high faluting about it – I’m getting hints of playfulness, it has a chargey nature and it definitely has legs.

    Second Patrick’s suggestion above.

  3. Ski tasting, yum! Wish I could attend. Hey, you know what? Telemark ski tasting sounds even tastier. (More of a dream than a real suggestion… but, I bet an East Coast Summit could meaningfully feature tele.)
    Any progress on your tele video?
    Stay safe and healthy!

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