The Dumpster Fire Episode (Ep.52)


Today we’ve got a roundtable with Blister reviewers Sam Shaheen, Kristin Sinnot, Luke Koppa, and me. We just spent last weekend together still testing more ski gear, and I don’t really know how or why, but things got pretty loose while recording this conversation.

There are some gems in here — including our group review of the ON3P Woodsman 108; Luke Koppa’s smart take on the new Tecnica’s heat-moldable hiking shoe, the Plasma S; Kristin Sinnot’s and my conversations about two new ski boots we’re excited about, etc.

But if you are feeling particularly uptight today, then please don’t listen. Or if you are offended by belching, you also probably shouldn’t listen. As for the rest of you, you’ve been warned, so you’ve really only got yourself to blame if you go any further.

So here it is, possibly our best — but probably our worst — GEAR:30 episode ever. Next week, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled and more professional programming.

Sam Shaheen, Kristin Sinnott, and Luke Koppa discuss White Claw, ON3P Woodsman 108, Salomon S/Max 120 W, Tecnica Plasma S Shoe, and much more on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast
Footage of the recording of this week's GEAR:30 episode (2019, colorized)

8 comments on “The Dumpster Fire Episode (Ep.52)”

  1. Seems like I only see people talking about the Woodman 108, does it really just hit the sweetspot or is there a good use case for the Woodman 116?

  2. This cast is old, but having listened to a good number of Blister Podcast (J Lev is may fav…I like hearing from the manufacturers), please make Kristen appear more often. It adds a welcomed dimension to the discussion. The John-Sam-Luke triptych can be fun. It’s Bro-y. Kristen adds some depth, dare I say ‘maturity’ if she’s not drowned out by the belches. Please, I’ll promise…I say that again…I promise to upgrade from Deep Dive to full member if you interject Kristen or similar mature, female voice in, even if only occasionally.

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