The Evolution of Grayson Murphy (Ep.34)


  • From soccer to xc & steeplechase (1:34)
  • Signing with NAZ Elite (18:09)
  • Getting into trail running (25:36)
  • Trail running vs. road running culture (29:52)
  • Navigating generalized anxiety (38:19)
  • Working with coach Kameron Ulmer (42:29)
  • Winning the World Mountain Running Championship (47:15)
  • Grayson’s Planners (52:41)
  • Interests outside of running (54:53)
  • Experiments with diet & food (55:57)
  • Goals for 2020 (1:03:46)

In 2019, Grayson Murphy won the US Mountain Running Championship; the World Mountain Running Championship; and the Xterra Trail Run World Championship. But there were many twists and turns along the way in getting there, and first and foremost, Grayson’s story is really about her constant push to evolve. Grayson is 24 years old and has already racked up some seriously impressive results. But perhaps even more impressive and instructive is her willingness to experiment, adjust, and explore new ideas and practices, and we discuss all of this and more in this conversation.

Grayson Murphy goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss her running career and more.
Grayson Murphy

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