Thor Verdonk: A Life in Ski & Ski Boot Design (Ep.117)


  • Growing up in Vermont (3:45)
  • Coaching ski racing (7:20)
  • Getting connected with Rossignol (9:10)
  • Pendulum swings in product design (16:40)
  • Biggest advancements in skis? (24:25)
  • Biggest advancements in ski boots? (27:25)
  • Developing the Rossignol S7 (35:27)
  • Most overlooked ski boot developments (42:06)
  • Thor’s industry predictions for the decade (50:05)

In the world of ski and ski boot design, Thor Verdonk is well known and very well respected. So we talked to Thor about his background, his 25+ year career with the Rossignol Group and how he became the Global Brand Director for Lange.

Then we discuss the history of ski design and ski boot design, including the pendulum swings we see in the ski industry; the biggest advancements in skis and ski boots; Thor’s work on the development of the Rossi S7; and we get his predictions about what the ski industry will look like 10 years from now.

And to hear Thor talk about the brand-new Lange XT3 and the future of Lange, check out our GEAR:30 conversation.

Thor Verdonk joins Jonathan Ellsworth on the BLISTER Podcast
Thor Verdonk

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  1. I, too, am a traditionalist and probably about the same age as Thor, thus my take on that being the best podcast Blister has aired is biased accordingly.

    Brilliant and interesting.

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