Trail Sisters founder, Gina Lucrezi (Ep.35)


  • Started running b/c of a bet with her mom (1:45)
  • Competing in running (6:10)
  • The story behind Trail Sisters (24:35)
  • Thoughts on 50/50 male-female lottery (33:00)
  • Joining the Hardrock 100 Board of Directors (35:35)
  • Standards for “Trail Sister Approved” races (39:01)
  • Trail Sisters local groups (47:00)
  • How to get involved (50:25)
  • Trail Sisters’ very first race (55:10)
  • Upcoming women’s retreat (59:20)

Trail Sisters is a trail running community for women and an online journal that offer lots of great resources — including articles and stories, grants, retreats, directories for female coaches, trail locations, and races that meet the trail sisters standards for gender equity.

So Brendan Leonard and Maddie Hart spoke with Gina Lucrezi, the founder of Trail Sisters, about the unusual way in which Gina got into running; her impressive accomplishments as a runner; the remarkable things happening at Trail Sisters; the ways you can get involved with and support Trail Sisters; and Gina shares an exciting development for a brand new Trail Sisters project.

Gina Lucrezi talks with Brendan Leonard and Maddie Hart on Blister's Off the Couch Podcast about Trail Sisters
Gina Lucrezi.

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