Triple Crown of 200s Winner, Mike McKnight (Ep.23)


  • Mike recaps his Moab 240 win
  • Mid-race conversations with David Goggins (4:52)
  • Getting lost for over 2 hours (9:32)
  • Farm life & football (20:37)
  • How a broken back led Mike to ultrarunning (26:39)
  • Jumping from 100 milers to 240’s (40:31)
  • Longer races? 300 milers? 500 milers? (49:41)
  • Reflections on his Triple Crown win (54:27)
  • Mike’s diet — and current week-long fast (59:46)
  • Mike’s work at Altra (1:06:50)

Simply put, Mike McKnight’s story is amazing. This year, he won the Triple Crown of 200’s, which includes the Bigfoot 200 in August, the Tahoe 200 in September, and he just won the Moab 240. And in covering those ~640 miles of racing, he smashed his own cumulative-time record for the three races by … 43 hours.

That’s probably not what you’d expect from a chubby kid who grew up on a dairy farm and didn’t participate in sports till he tried one season of highschool football, nor what you’d expect from a person who broke his back in a ski accident 8 years ago and had 2 rods and 9 screws placed in his spine, along with part of his hip bone.

So we talk to Mike about all of this and more — including getting a total of ~30 minutes of sleep over the course of ~640 mile races.

winner of the Moab 240, Mike McKnight, goes on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast to discuss his recent win, how he managed to win three 200-mile races in a single year, and more.
Mike McKnight on his way to win the 2019 Moab 240. (photo by Howie Stern)

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