Vero Sandler on REAL MTB, Digging, Dance Moves, & Getting Slidey (Ep.65)

Vero Sandler just competed in the first-ever REAL MTB event, so we caught up with this Kiwi with the French name who lives in Wales to talk about the experience and get her thoughts on being the first (and only) female in the comp; the importance of checking your junk (???); the art of “getting slidey”; her current big idea; and more. This is a super fun conversation with another pioneer in freeride, so enjoy!


  • Electric fences, sharks, & cows (1:54)
  • X Games Real MTB (5:59)
  • Check Your Junk! (9:34)
  • Being the only woman in REAL MTB (13:52)
  • Women’s freeride (18:12)
  • Favorite dance moves (23:47)
  • Getting Slidey (27:21)
  • Digging (34:11)
  • 2021 plans & signing with Santa Cruz (37:37)
  • Formation (41:12)
  • Vero’s Big Idea (44:15)


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