What is Natural Wine? Danielle & Katie Nichols of CORK, Stowe, VT (Ep.4)

What is “Natural Wine”? Is it the same as organic wine? What is “Raw Wine”? For answers, I headed to Stowe, Vermont, to meet up with Danielle and Katie Nichols, two amazing sisters that together have created CORK Restaurant & Natural Wine Shop, Vermont’s first, and only, natural wine shop and restaurant.

Danielle and Katie provide a fantastic introduction and overview of natural wine, explain how they got into it; and along the way, we talk about “Twinkie Wines” and “Breakfast Wines,” too.

CORK’s Subscription Wine Club

After this conversation, you’re going to want to have Katie & Danielle send you — or send as a gift to someone you love — some wines that they’ve personally selected for the CORK Wine Club, so check it out.


  • Breakfast Wines (4:03)
  • What is CORK? (6:14)
  • Skiing & Sisters’ Backgrounds (12:55)
  • Back to Stowe (16:04)
  • Katie’s intro to Natural Wine (18:20)
  • Organic Wine vs. Natural Wine (24:13)
  • Twinkie Wines & Consistency (36:00)
  • Such a Range – approachable (45:39)
  • Wine Club (50:10)
  • Wine represents so much more than the rating (56:44)
  • Where to find them (1:02:22)



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  1. We’ve been so stoked to live just a few blocks from Cork. The wine selection is excellent and so is the menu. The cocktails are equally fantastic especially when Ian is behind the bar. Such a gem in our ski town. Not to be missed when visiting Stowe. Just enjoy the food and wine, don’t try to keep up with Danielle on the mountain!

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