What Makes Someone a “Runner”? (Ep.1)

Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss what makes someone a "Runner" on Blister's Off The Couch podcast
Artwork by Brendan Leonard / semi-rad.com

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Off the Couch, where each week we will be taking a closer look at the wide, weird, and wonderful world of running. Today Jonathan Ellsworth (founder of BLISTER), and co-host, Brendan Leonard (creator of Semi-Rad.com and producer of How to Run 100 Miles), talk about their running backgrounds; their love / hate relationships with running; and consider Strava as a modern-day spiritual exercise??


  • When do you actually get to call yourself a “runner”? (1:30)
  • Our running backgrounds — the early years (3:15)
  • Brendan’s returning to running (7:25)
  • Jonathan’s return to running (after breaking his neck) (13:06)
  • Exploration, drugs, and stories (21:25)
  • Strava as a spiritual exercise?? (34:25)

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  1. Like the idea of this podcast. Please don’t review shoes, there is so much of that everywhere already. One possible topic of discussion is: running long distance: enter an event or just go do it? I’ll chime in on that one!

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