X Games Real Ski 2020 Gold Medalist, Jake Mageau (Ep. 127)


  • Jake’s approach to Real Ski 2019 vs 2020 (10:07)
  • Finding locations (14:21)
  • The Roof (17:58)
  • The Dam (20:27)
  • What’s your headspace like before filming a shot (28:17)
  • Do you have a favorite moment from the edit? (33:46)
  • The Mind Flip (36:05)
  • Thoughts on “Style” (44:25)
  • Fishing (46:52)

The X Games Real Ski competition is an invitation-only event, where some of the top skiers in the world go out and put together a 90-second street edit. The creativity and talent on display in Real Ski is always mind blowing, and we’ve talked with past X Games winners and fan favorites, like Magnus Graner (Blister Podcast #36) and LJ Strenio (Blister Podcast #94).

And today, we’re talking with ON3P Skis athlete, Jake Mageau, who in 2019 was voted the Real Ski fan favorite, and then this year, Jake took home the Real Ski 2020 gold medal.

Jake is one of the most interesting and stylish skiers out there, and in our conversation, Jake walks us through what really goes into filming a 90-second submission to Real Ski. Jake and I talk about his approach to Real Ski 2019 vs Real Ski 2020; scouting and settling on locations; we talk about the Mind Flip – I think that’s what we’re officially calling this now – that Jake puts down in this edit, and more. And while you’re listening to our conversation, we’ve put links to Jake’s Real Ski 2020 and 2019 edits in the show notes to this episode, so you should definitely check those out as you get to hear Jake break it all down.

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