Your Questions + Our Review of PBR’s ‘Hard Coffee’ (Ep.99)


  • Jonathan’s review of PBR’s Hard Coffee (2:35)
  • Skis, Ski Length, & Ski Brands (12:38)
  • What gear needs the most improvement? (24:25)
  • What’s your favorite quarantine apparel? (31:45)
  • How old is too old to try your 1st backflip? (34:24)
  • Preferred conditions to monoski? (36:25)
  • Best anorak of 20/21 (38:24)
  • What makes you happiest? (43:00)
  • Deep Dive vs. Blister Membership vs. Premier? (53:05)
  • What should I do with my life? (1:06:15)
  • How do I review for Blister? (1:09:00)
  • Luke’s review of Beastie Boys Story (1:13:45)

What outdoor gear is in need of the biggest improvement? How old is too old to try your first backflip? If you had to opt for skis that are too long or too short, which would you pick? What should I do with my life? How does one start reviewing for Blister? What gear has the best performance-to-price ratio? Could you please provide an unbiased review and comparison of the Blister Membership, Deep Dive Subscription, and Blister Premier Membership? Luke Koppa and I answer these and many more.

Your Questions + Our Review of PBR’s ‘Hard Coffee’ (Ep.99), BLISTER
Luke Koppa on the Line Sir Francis Bacon, Crested Butte, Colorado.
Your Questions + Our Review of PBR’s ‘Hard Coffee’ (Ep.99), BLISTER
The illustrious PBR Hard Coffee taking in the views in Crested Butte, Colorado.

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  1. As someone who has ridden them for 30+ years , in defense of snowmobiles , they have come a REALLY long way in the last 15-20 years. That said , I do somewhat agree with you. They are (sometimes) Murphy’s Law given physical form.

  2. Totally missed the questions on IG, and I am going to totally interpret this as suggestions for Blister that I would like to see, and happy to have you respond to these things on a future (now monthly) Questions podcast. Apologies in advance to Jonathan who may hate many of these ideas.

    (1) I would love to know what Jonathan is reading, and frankly, I would love his reviews on hot non-fiction books where he rants about how whatever book is not a new idea and cites whatever philosopher said the same thing 100 years ago. Frankly, Jonathan is the most intellectual interviewer and reviewer in the entire outdoor industry, and it’s refreshing.
    (2) I think 2000 podcast reviews should be a new Blister account on Tik Tok. Download it before you knock it. My two cents: Tik Tok challenges are video games for a generation younger than Luke. Also, I downloaded it after a few friends older than me downloaded it.
    (3) More than a Sam Tinder review, I would love to get more dating reviews from Luke and Jonathan. Sam is the typical ambitious guy in his 20’s, whereas Luke and Jonathan are more mysterious. Maybe even send Luke on a long assignment comparing 20’s dating life in CB with Vail and Aspen?
    (4) I believe there should definitely be a training book podcast (probably on Blister). Steve House would be ideal, but I do hate how people preach Uphill Athlete and New Alpinism but don’t do the actual workouts. Matt Lloyd (@mlloyd8) would be good, but if there is a skiing-specific one, that would be even better.
    (5) Really something in-depth on skiing the wrong ski in wrong conditions. Growing up, I skied 62mm-underfoot mogul skis every day. While this may not be your target audience, I do think Blister is the only publication that can describe the differences between a 68mm-underfoot rental ski on a powder day and a good ski. This might be more of a NYT Op-Ed piece than a Blister article, but, again, I think Jonathan is up for the challenge.
    (6) Fly fishing gear reviews? It seems like a new vertical?
    (7) What happened to climbing gear reviews? Most climbers I have met barely afford their own gear, but reviews targeted to gear-intense cross-overs like myself feel more appropriate.
    (8) A podcast series on how professionals/weekend warriors who accomplish big objectives keep their career and do something big would be great. Again, Jonathan has the right skills to pull this off. Several reviewers fit this, but another person who comes to mind is Olga Dobranowski
    (9) How many emails does Luke answer in a day? Seems like an insane number. Also, more stats on readership and everything. I get that this may be sensitive, but I do feel like the same few thousand people are super loyal and building more community would be beneficial

  3. Volkl’s new (non-vacuum) skins are rebranded Kohlas.

    W.r.t. “best conditions for monoskis”, the correct answer was “wearing a one-piece and smoking a Gaulois”

  4. Stoked on more flash reviews. I actually find them the most helpful articles out there as they tend to paint the particular circumstances of the review in a relatable way and then directly describe the experience.

    Luke’s recent review(s) of the new xtd prime is a good example of this. Although I think for most outlets, that “flash” review would be the most in depth review of any product they ever covered.

  5. Dang, I missed sending in a question. Here’s mine, for next time:
    When will someone make a men’s knicker length zip-off spring ski-touring pant? I know, it combines two fashion icons – zip offs AND knickers. But seriously, if someone would prioritize function over “mountain-to-town” lemming fashion, I think there are some real advantages. Obviously, the knicker length greatly increases cooling on long climbs and those hot afternoon exits. But also protect the knees from corn rash or sunburn. Full legs protect from storms and brush-whacking and cover the boot tops to eliminate snow or debris if necessary. You could also have some cross over to climbing. I wore my OR Ferrosi knickers yesterday on a 4000+ foot hike/climb/ski/hike adventure and they’d be a perfect candidate.

  6. I’m 50. I haven’t done a back flip yet, but I just starting hitting the park 3 years ago. Lot’s a fun, despite what my body says. I’m about to get msnow for a summer rail ,/jumpi n my back yard. A covid project.

    btw. It’s “ka – ta – na” even syllables. Just saying.

  7. Thanks for addressing my questions and enjoying my username! With regards to what product can be most improved, you touched on that in your decade episode I think? I am thinking ski boots. Have them perform like they do now or better, but be easier in and out and easier to walk and be lighter. Also not need as much boot work but have some other way to make them fit with slight user modifications out of the box.
    I also think high end boots could be sold modular: boots and shells sold separately, even from one brand. You choose the shell flex/width/color/buckles/whatever and then choose your liner size/volume/overlap or not/etc. but you could choose a liner from another company. That would probably only work with high end boots and be a nightmare for ski shops.
    Actual legit question: how many ski days should a liner last? and should most people be replacing their liners every X number of days? I know it depends on how many runs/day, how aggressive skier and some liners just don’t last as long. Asking because I think my liners are toast after 2 seasons (~150 days). Final subquestion: is it really bad for my liners to stand around in them outside (while working at a ski area)? Should I really make an effort to change out of my good boots if I am going to work (front row, come on out!) or do you really only wear out the liners while skiing?

  8. I appreciated the straight chat about subscription models particularly. So. How about for bikers who don’t ski.
    I totally appreciate your unbiased reviews and even discovered my favourite tyre (the Bonti G5) through an excellent Blister review from Kevin Bazar.
    I’m a Caludio fan too. It’s all good.
    But bike (and general / life) stuff is a fair bit sparser than snow specific stuff it seems? Is that right?
    Do you deep dive bike stuff?
    I get the honest review stance and that I should contribute, but as a biker (only) what would that bring?
    Is there members only bike stuff up there?
    And, yeah, I listened to the end. I can even enjoy snow sports chat when it’s you guys.
    And yeah, I bought Walden. (Quite the fanboy). Trying hard to get into it.
    What was the other “everyone must read” Jonathan ?
    There’s some great stouts with caffeine in the UK. Tough to know when to drink them, though. Bit like the TVR (tequila vodka red bull concoction popular here in Brighton a while back. No sleep after that heady brew).
    Brooklyn Brewery stout is one you must assess also.
    Now off to listen to “The Abstract Wild” review.
    Much appreciate your work.

  9. Great conversation, enjoyed this a lot. Re kitting yourself out from one brand, if you are going to cheat and go to one group Jonathan it could be good to go with Amer Sports. You get Salomon, Armada and Atomic for ski gear. Arc’teryx and Peak Performance for clothing. Suunto if you find monitoring your performance to be even vaguely interesting. You could have a pair of Wilson tennis racquets for snow shoeing and a Louisville Slugger in case you need some protection whilst skiing.

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