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2011-2012 Rossignol Super 7, 188cm, Blister Gear Review

2011-2012 Rossignol Super 7, 188cm

If you’re going to write a review that questions one of the highest profile skis in the industry, that review better be smart. And LONG. Ours is. Ladies and gentlemen, BLISTER’s review of the Rossignol Super 7.

2nd Look: ON3P Jeronimo, 181cm, Blister Gear Review

2nd Look: ON3P Jeronimo, 181cm

At BLISTER, we’ll sometimes run a piece of gear by a second (or third) reviewer, just to round out the picture and make sure we get it right. Why so thorough? Because we care. About you, dear reader.


2010-2011 4FRNT Renegade, 186cm

If you haven’t seen this gorgeous ski around, it’s because only 262 of them were made – built by hand in Salt Lake City.


2011-2012 ON3P Jeronimo, 181cm

Mark Connell reviews ON3Ps all mountain / park ski, and dubs it the “Franken-park ski.” Yeah, you should probably just read the article.

2010-2011 Black Diamond Justice, 175cm, Blister Gear Review

2010-2011 Black Diamond Justice, 175cm

Ski: 2010-2011 Black Diamond Justice, 175, cm Dimensions (mm): 138-115-123 Turn Radius: 33m I was a little skeptical of the Black Diamond Justice, despite the good things I’d heard about it. I had previously owned a pair of Black Diamond Verdicts that I’d never grown

2011-2012 Salomon BBR, 186cm, Blister Gear Review

2011-2012 Salomon BBR, 186cm

First Impressions: Salomon BBR, 186cm Ski dimensions (mm): 147-88-102 (176 cm) Radius: 11.5(166cm)/12.5(176cm)/13.5(186cm) Available length of skis: 166cm, 176cm, 186cm Boots / Bindings: Lange RX 130 / Salomon demo bindings Mount Location: began on the line, but read the review…. Test Location: Taos Ski Valley I