2020-2021 Blizzard Sheeva 11

Kara Williard reviews the Blizzard Sheeva 11 for Blister

Though it’s the widest women’s ski Blizzard makes, we’ve found the Sheeva 11 to be surprisingly versatile, and think it would work well for a wide variety of skiers.

The Taos Freeride Championships

Taos Freeride Comp, Blister Gear Review

The 10th Taos Freeride Championships are under way, and to celebrate the occasion, we talked to some competitors who have launched their careers here, and others who are looking to take that next step. But what they all have in common is a love of this mountain and this event.

Line Supernatural 108 vs. Blizzard Cochise

Line Supernatural 108 vs Blizzard Cochise, Blister Gear Review

We’ve heaped a lot of praise on both the Supernatural 108 and the Cochise, so we spent several days A / B-ing the two skis at Taos—same runs, same conditions.

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