J Skis founder, Jason Levinthal (Ep.102)


  • Starting J Skis / How to get a job at J Skis? (3:08)
  • What’s up with “Roll with a Pro”? (12:53)
  • Favorite Ski Graphics & Bob Ross (15:20)
  • Branching out: J goggles? Snowboards? Etc.? (21:11)
  • 19/20 J Skis lineup (25:15)
  • J’s personal favorite skis (35:56)
  • Which of your skis are you most proud of? (37:35)
  • What ski design do you still want to make? (43:55)
  • Tell an Eric Pollard story (47:40)
  • How do I get free J Skis? (53:33)
  • When will we see a touring-oriented J Ski? (1:01:25)
  • Will we ever see a 193 cm J Ski? (1:06:15)
  • Does Steve Stepp even troll anymore? (1:09:06)
  • Favorite way to eat or cook an oystá? (1:10:00)
  • Advice you would give your 20-yr-old self? (1:16:55)

We’ve got J Skis founder, Jason Levinthal, back on the show, and we’re going to be doing things a bit differently than we normally do. Last week we invited you to submit any questions that you might have for J, and turns out … you had a lot of them.

So this episode is made up almost entirely of your questions, and in his trademark style, Jason answers each of them with extreme candor.

We cover why Jason started J Skis and how you can get a job there; J’s favorite ski graphics; which skis are his personal favorites, and which skis he’s most proud of; we get into some ski design questions — including whether we will ever see a 193 cm J Ski; and J tells an Eric Pollard story and answers the pressing question, “What’s your favorite way to eat or cook an oyster.”

Finally, we are also going to be dropping soon a video of this conversation with J, so you’ll be able to check that out and see some of the graphics and the skis that Jason and I discuss.

Jason Levinthal, founder of J Skis, Line Skis, & Full Tilt Boots, goes on the Blister Podcast to answer everyone's questions.
Jason Levinthal on J Skis' new "Full Turbo" version of their Allplay Ski. (photo by Rachel Bock)

4 comments on “J Skis founder, Jason Levinthal (Ep.102)”

  1. A good episode. J’s a dude. I’ve come to want to mimic him in a way. He hits the right balance of selling his wares but keeping it real.

  2. Well that was a hoot. Chuffed to have my question make the cut. Jason on walkng uphill, oysters and just his whole personality make for a great discussion. Would love to hear Eric Pollard’s take on the German story. Will have to watch the video version now!

  3. The 4S props were classic. I’m among the many who owned a pair (in high school) and believed them to be the sh*t. The true cognoscenti preferred the 3G as an all-mountain ski, though. Interesting that he thinks that the 4S is still a superior mogul ski. I understand where he’s coming from, but that reveals a fairly specific mogul technique IMO.

    Excellent episode. I don’t do park, but I’d buy the “wizard staff” or Bob Ross Allplays just for the graphics if they were still available.

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