Reviewing the Reviewer: Jonathan Ellsworth (Ep.67)


  • Random Review: Babybel Cheese (3:38)
  • Jonathan’s Background (6:15)
  • Why did you start BLISTER? (18:15)
  • Who’s your favorite reviewer? (25.48)
  • What’s the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you? (28:03)
  • Who’s your favorite skier? (32:17)
  • What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? (37:52)
  • What are you better at than Sam Shaheen? (42:03)
  • What gear are you most & least picky about? (44:55)
  • How many times have you almost died? (52:05)
  • What are your ski preferences? (54:27)
  • Dream podcast guest? (57:41)
  • Top 3 favorite books, movies, and musicians (1:01:25)
  • What’s the best question we haven’t asked you? (1:04:40)

This episode is the 2nd installment of our “Reviewing the Reviewer” series, where we ask various Blister reviewers questions about their backgrounds and gear preferences to give you a more complete picture of the people behind our reviews. And since we like to rank & review things around here, we also give a score to each of our reviewers’ answers, then come up with a cumulative review grade for each of them.

Today (unfortunately) it’s my turn. So you’re going to be hearing about my life, including being charged by a bear; nearly burning my house down; teaching philosophy; my favorite gear in the world, and of course, the things I’m better at than Sam Shaheen.

And we are also putting up a video of this conversation here and on our YouTube channel, so if you want to watch Sam Shaheen in full payback mode, or watch Luke Koppa putting up his dukes, go check it out. (We also posted this week a video of my conversation with J Skis founder, Jason Levinthal, so you might want to go check that one out too.)

In this edition of "Reviewing The Reviewer" on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast, Blister's founder, Jonathan Ellsworth, gets reviewed by Luke Koppa and Sam Shaheen.
Jonathan Ellsworth, Crested Butte, CO

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  1. Am still reeling from the ‘so what age were you when you had metal throwing stars? oh about 5 or 6, my parents were pretty relaxed about that kinda stuff’ So did you have a full Rambo get up too complete with bullet belts, machine guns and flame throwers? Great podcast and enjoyed the video too. Looking forward to Sam being annihilated soon. Predicting about a 40 max ;o) Looking forward to the rest of the crew too.

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