Phantom Glide: Rethinking Ski & Snowboard Bases | Blister Summit Brand Lineup Video

At Blister Summit 2023, we sat down with Phantom Glide’s Shaun Spacht to discuss the origins, evolution, and future of Phantom Glide’s permanent base treatment. We cover how Phantom Glide differs from wax; how Phantom Glide permanently affects the performance of ski and snowboard base materials; the ways in which the folks at Phantom Glide have shifted how they think and talk about their base treatments, and more.


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What is Phantom Glide? 00:00
How Does Phantom Glide Work? 4:50
Phantom’s Origins & Evolution 6:00
Latest Iterations of Phantom Glide 9:16
“Permanence, Performance, & Environment” 16:06
Combining Phantom w/ Modern Waxes 20:21

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3 comments on “Phantom Glide: Rethinking Ski & Snowboard Bases | Blister Summit Brand Lineup Video”

  1. I treated two pairs with PG. Did it by the book on two brand new skis with wax removed. I was completely underwhelmed by their performance on the snow. Ended up hot waxing them too get back to sliding properly.

    Sorry, not a fan. Feel like I wasted my coin.

  2. I’ve gotten it on my last two pair of skis and am now a fan :). I would love to see some well done tests to prove (and quantify) what I think I feel (pretty good glide in most snow conditions without wax…not as good in warm weather but still nice).

  3. I wax and tune all 16 skis for our family….ugh. Phantom works pretty well, but given the cost we only have it on 4 pairs of skis.

    The marginal utility of a perfect hand wax isn’t worth the time compared to Phantom, if one has unlimited money and is for some reason hand waxing. If I had a smaller ski quiver, though, I’d Phantom it all and focus on making the most of my fleeting moments on earth. (Ultra performance enthusiasts are better served by waxing for individual condition.)

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