David Golay

Blister Bike reviewer, David Golay
Blister reviewer, David Golay

Age: 28 | Vitals: 6’’0”, 165 lbs. | Years mountain biking: 18 | Current Residence: Seattle, WA

I got my introduction into mountain biking in my hometown of Ithaca, NY and began by riding — and quickly racing — XC. By early high school, I had realized that descending really fast and jumping off stuff was a lot more fun than wearing spandex and trying to pedal until you puked, and was soon cobbling together sketchy freeride bikes and even sketchier jumps in my parents’ backyard.

I raced some DH and did a lot of shuttle days in Southern California through college, and then moved to the PNW where I settled into mostly riding Trail bikes for big miles, with an emphasis on fast and rowdy descents. I race the odd Enduro from time to time, but mostly just prefer Trail rides with as much descending as possible. My riding style tends to be pretty planted, with me looking more for features to pump and work than boost off of, and I seem to get my best race results when conditions are wet, sloppy, and miserable.

Some of my favorite gear: Fanny packs, Shimano drivetrains, Cush Core, “top beers” to celebrate the ends of climbs, my BTR Ranger, and mega long / slack bikes in general.

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