Blister Speaker Series 1.3: Dan Abrams, Flylow (Ep.84)

Our 3rd Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University was with Dan Abrams, president and co-founder of Flylow, a brand favorite of skiers who weren’t wearing skin-tight race wear or super-slim mountaineering gear — you can check out our Senior Editor Sam Shaheen’s recent review of their Baker Bib.

Jonathan Ellsworth interviews Flylow President & Co-Founder, Dan Abrams, during the Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University
Dan Abrams skiing at Crested Butte, right before the 3rd Blister Speaker Series event at Western Colorado University.

Flylow has experienced consistent growth since debuting their products in 2005, so Dan pulls back the curtain on what goes into running a successful outerwear company. Along the way, he shares stories about how Flylow can be traced back to his experience producing music, the time he handled a drunk and angry voicemail from a buyer, what he learned from his previous and less-successful businesses, and more.


  • Flylow’s origin story (1:55)
  • Advice to aspiring business owners (9:36)
  • “The bank of Flylow” (13:14)
  • Your best decisions & biggest mistakes? (17:38)
  • Dan’s approach to scaling the team and product categories (21:50)
  • What advice would you give to your undergraduate self? (27:25)
  • What books were most formative to you? (30:33)
  • Western vs. Proust Q&A (32:40)

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