Luke Nelson on Testing Limits (Ep.18)


  • How Luke & Brendan met (1:30)
  • Running his 1st marathon b/c of a bet (5:40)
  • Learning from Jared Campbell (13:13)
  • FKT of WURL / managing risk & fear (15:04)
  • Balancing athletic & professional ambitions w/ family life (21:34)
  • Sleeping little, training lots (23:47)
  • Snowboarding & kayaking (& origami?) (26:38)
  • Why Luke is racing less, pursuing FKT’s more (30:16)
  • Finding comfort in pain (31:48)
  • Medical concerns about “pushing your limits”? (45:55)
  • ANWR expedition with Clare Gallagher & Tommy Caldwell (48:46)
  • Why are you a race director? (54:49)
  • Environmental activism (1:01:34)

Luke Nelson is a professional runner, physician assistant, race director (of the Scout Mountain Ultras in his town of Pocatello, Idaho), climate activist, husband, father of three, and … someone who doesn’t get a lot of sleep.

And in this conversation, my co-host Brendan Leonard and I talk to Luke about how he and Brendan first met; his background as a serious snowboarder, climber, and kayaker; how and why he got into running — and did his first marathon; his obsession with testing his limits; how he attempts to balance that obsession with family life; why (given everything else he’s got going on) he makes the time to also be a race director, and more.


Luke Nelson discusses his running career, how he balances being a professional runner with family, work as a physicians assistant, and being a race director, and more on Blister's Off The Couch podcast
Luke Nelson

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