Up & Coming: Tyler Curle (Ep.112)


  • Karaoke (1:45)
  • Growing up near Mt. Rose (4:55)
  • Meeting McConkey & Parker White (8:25)
  • Helping at Moment Skis at age 12 (14:55)
  • Injuries? (18:16)
  • Favorite ski movies & edits (19:20)
  • What line have you skied that you’re most proud of? (21:32)
  • Favorite skiers (25:34)
  • Current favorite ski? (31:37)
  • Have any of your ideas for skis been shot down? (33:53)
  • Pain McSchlonkey (38:32)

We’re not sure that anyone loves skiing more than Tyler Curle. And Tyler also happens to be one very hard-charging and versatile skier who has appeared in Matchstick films and TGR films.

So for our latest installment of our Up & Coming series, Tyler came out to Crested Butte and we sat down in Blister HQ to talk about growing up skiing at Mt. Rose; starting to help out at Moment Skis at the ripe old age of twelve; his favorite skis, skiers, and ski movies of all time, and a whole lot more.

Check out some of Tyler’s edits below (cover photo of this post and his 2019 Full Part by Emily Tidwell).

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