Winter Running: How to Do It (and Like It?) (Ep.29)


  • Winter running & training changes (10:25)
  • Dealing with icy / snow roads & trails (22:46)
  • Winter gear — layering (24:30)
  • What gear is useful & what isn’t? (32:24)
  • Work on Weaknesses (36:52)
  • Work on non-running stuff (39:06)

In many areas of the northern hemisphere, temperatures are plunging and the snow is beginning to pile up. So in this episode, we talk with Blister reviewers, Maddie Hart and Gordon Gianniny, about how they handle running and training in the cold and on snowy, icy roads and trails. Maddie and Gordon offer their tips and tricks and perspectives on this age-old conundrum of when and whether to run when the days are short and summer is a distant memory.

So check it out, see if you agree or disagree with some of their practices and suggestions, and in the show notes to this episode on the site, we’d love to have you share your own best tips, tricks, and practices.

Maddie Hart Trail Running
Maddie Hart running in Gunnison, CO. (photo by Katie Lyons)
Gordon Giannini running in Gunnison, CO. (photo by Katie Lyons)

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