What We’re Watching — October 2021


While we’re inching closer to ski season in the Northern Hemisphere (and are in the home stretch on our 21/22 Winter Buyer’s Guide), it’s also prime mountain biking season in a lot of places. So here we’ve got our latest crop of favorite videos, with options to get you fired up to keep riding, pique your stoke for when the snow starts to fly, and even one fishing video from Luke.

Brandon Semenuk — Realm

David Golay: Per usual for Brandon, his latest edit features both outrageously smooth and stylish riding, and wildly creative trail building. The satellite dish-looking thing (you’ll see) is particularly cool, but there’s a lot of good stuff in here.

Remy Metailler — Sun Peaks

David: Any new edit from Remy is an instant watch for me, and his new one riding the Sun Peaks bike park doesn’t disappoint. Unlike a lot of his videos, which tend to feature up-tempo hip-hop soundtracks and a lot of very quick cuts (which he talks about a bunch in Episode 56 of Bikes and Big Ideas), this one’s much more low-key, with a lot of long, sweeping drone shots and a correspondingly mellow soundtrack. The riding is still great, of course, and the result is extremely satisfying.

And for some bonus Remy content, his latest from the Coast bike park is worth a watch too. This one’s a very quick raw edit, and the highlight is an absurd scrub off a wood drop about half way through.

Dark Horse Highlights

David: The rate of progression in women’s freeride in the last couple of years has been astronomical, and Casey Brown has had more to do with that than just about anybody. A couple of months ago, she put on the Dark Horse Invitational in her hometown of Revelstoke, BC — essentially a women’s-only jump session modeled after the FEST Series. The goal was to make an event that was collaborative, rather than competitive, and the highlight video features a whole lot of riders — both established and up-and-coming — going very, very big.

Hangtime Highlights

David: Not to be outdone, Hannah Bergemann (who was also at Dark Horse) put on her own version — Hangtime — on the Blue Steel jump line in her hometown of Bellingham.

Audi Nines Game of B.I.K.E.

David: And for something much sillier, we’ve also got a highly entertaining game of B.I.K.E. between Kade Edwards, Sam Reynolds, Kaos Seagrave, and Sam Hodgson, at Audi Nines. Sam Reynolds spearheads the whole thing, and while nobody is taking it all that seriously, it’s pretty mind-blowing how many tricks these guys manage to pull off that they very much have not dialed in before. In particular, I completely lost track of how many times Kade said “ah, man, I’ve never done one of those before”… and then just nails it. It’s unfair, frankly.

ddangerous ddave’s Youtube Videos

Dylan Wood: Dangerous Dave’s Youtube Videos have become some of my favorite mountain bike POV videos to watch. Dave is an ex-trials rider who takes his skills to a variety of trails with north shore wood features, janky tech, rock slabs, and big jumps and drops. He also showcases his trials skills on many fallen trees and other wood features throughout the areas he rides. Dave usually just says a thing or two about the area he’s riding in, then gets straight to some raw POV action ripping some creative lines. The whole channel is worth working through, but his “Beyond Expert” video is a great place to start.

The BUNCH — Love You Too

Dylan: Huge street spots, technical rail skills, creative spot and trick selection, and entertaining B-Roll – the latest from The Bunch has it all. (P.S. When the credits start, the movie definitely isn’t over.)

Level 1 — Nothing New

Dylan: If your ideal snow riding short film has snowboarding, skiing, and snerfing, you’ll like the variety you see in Nothing New, the latest collaboration between Level 1 and Parker White. Parker shows off his skills on both one plank and two, and is accompanied by some very stylish friends who seem to score some incredible snow and pick some awesome spots to build jumps and drop cliffs. Don’t forget the mullet, either.

The Fifty Project — Ep. 28, Mt Stimson

Luke Koppa: Cody Townsend’s Fifty Project is back and the first episode this season is a great one. It doesn’t seem like it was all that great for Cody, Nick Russell, and Bjarne Salen (listen to our latest Blister Podcast with Cody for more, or just watch the video), but as always, it’s entertaining, insightful, and a really great watch.

WildFly Productions — 120 Hours in Bull Trout Country

Luke: WildFly makes some of my favorite fly fishing videos, with an excellent blend of cinematography, good fishing, and humor. They’ve hunted for elusive bull trout in a few previous videos, which have also been excellent, and their latest short film has them going back for the tricky fish on a really cool stretch of water.

Siver Voll — Street 20/21

Luke: Siver isn’t best known as an urban skier, but holy crap, he should be. His street edit from last season is one of the most technically impressive showcases of skiing I’ve seen in a long time.

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