2022-2023 4FRNT Switch

Ski: 2022-2023 4FRNT Switch, 184 cm

Available Lengths: 163, 170, 177, 184 cm

Blister’s Measured Tip-to-Tail Length (straight-tape pull): 182.0 cm

Stated Weight Per Ski: 1742 grams

Blister’s Measured Weight per Ski: 1707 & 1752 grams

Stated Dimensions: 127-99-123 mm

Blister’s Measured Dimensions: 126.2-98.5-122.2 mm

Stated Sidecut Radius (184 cm): 19 meters

Measured Tip & Tail Splay (ski decambered): 49 mm / 37.5 mm

Measured Traditional Camber Underfoot: 4.5 mm

Core Materials:aspen/maple + carbon stringers + fiberglass laminate

Base: sintered “race base”

Factory Recommended Mount Point: -3.5 cm from center; 87.5 cm from tail

[Note: our review is being conducted on the 21/22 Switch, which was not changed for 22/23, apart from graphics.]

Dylan Wood reviews the 4FRNT Switch for Blister
4FRNT Switch – 21/22 Top Sheet
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[Editor’s Note: In the interest of getting you information sooner on some of the products we’re reviewing, we’re posting here some of our measured specs and manufacturer details, and will update in the future. Take a look, and let us know in the Comments Section below what questions you’d like us to answer.]

What 4FRNT says about the Switch

“The SWITCH enables you to unlock the mountains full potential and expands your ability to shred in any terrain. From ripping turns of all shapes and sizes, to powering through zipper line moguls, boosting off side hits, and zooming backwards past your friends, the Switch is the only ski you want to grab when you’re heading to the hill. Its unwavering stability through crud will have your confidence soaring even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. Equipped with a 19 meter turn radius, zigzagging through tight trees or trenching huge turns on your favorites trails is a breeze. The Switch’s lightweight Aspen/Maple core with Carbon Fiber stringers, gives you more pop and more power to boost airs and stomp landings than any ski you’ve clicked into. For those seeking to explore every nook and cranny from top to bottom on every run, it’s time to make the SWITCH!”

Flex Pattern

Here’s how we’d characterize the flex pattern of the Switch:

Tips: 6
Shovels: 6.5-7
In Front of Toe Piece: 7.5-9.5
Underfoot: 10
Behind the Heel Piece: 9.5-8
Tails: 7.5-6.5

For an all-mountain freestyle ski around this width, the Switch has a fairly middle-of-the-road flex pattern. It’s not wildy soft at the tips and tails, but it does stiffen up fairly slowly as you move from the tips and tails toward the middle of the ski, with a very symmetrical overall flex pattern.

What we said about the Switch in our 21/22 Winter Buyer’s Guide

The Switch happened to make it into two sections of our guide, so here is what we said in each. 

All-Mountain Freestyle section:

“The Switch is 4FRNT’s newest and narrowest all-mountain freestyle ski, and it sets itself apart from the other skis here due to how nimble and lively it feels. It’s the lightest ski here by a good margin, so it’s definitely not the best choice for those who primarily want to ski as fast as possible. That said, we were surprised when we weighed it after skiing it; its suspension is quite good for how little it weighs. The upside to that low weight is an extremely low swing weight, ideal for quick spins and dynamic skiing in tight terrain. It’s also a solid carver and produces a bunch of energy whenever and wherever you bend it. It’s not the loosest ski in its class and the next one is definitely easier to butter, but the Switch does a nice job of making all sorts of features and terrain interesting, while still being supportive enough to be pushed fairly hard in decent conditions.”

Park Skis section: 

“The Switch is a brand-new ski from 4FRNT, and it stands out here due to its low weight, lively flex pattern, and combo of precision and maneuverability. Of the wider skis here, the Switch has the lowest swing weight by a good margin, making last-minute spins and swaps easy (though it also gets knocked around a bit more in roughed-up in-runs and runouts). Its modestly rockered but fairly tapered tips and tails equate to solid grip on firm snow, but the Switch still doesn’t feel hooky when you don’t quite get that spin all the way around. As far as flex goes, the Switch falls somewhere around the middle — neither really stiff, nor really soft. The Switch’s respectable all-round performance also translates outside the park (see our All-Mountain Freestyle section). All of this makes the Switch a solid choice if you find most wider skis too sluggish or cumbersome in the air, but you still appreciate a slightly wider platform on rails and in softer snow.”

You can also listen to (and watch) our own Jonathan Ellsworth and 4FRNT’s Sam Kimmerle talk about the Switch in this video from the 2021 Blister Summit.

2022-2023 4FRNT Switch, BLISTER
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