2023-2024 Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W

Boot: 2023-2024 Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W

Stated Flex: 115

Available Sizes: 22.5-27.0

Stated Last (size 26.5/27.0): 100 mm

Stated Range of Motion: 61°

Stated Forward Lean: 17° +/- 2°

Size Tested: 24.5

Stated Boot Sole Length (size 24.5): 282 mm

Blister’s Measured Weight (size 24.5):

  • Shells, no Liners (left & right): 1114 & 1116 g
  • Liners, no Footbeds: 207 g & 209 g
  • Shells + Liners = 1321 & 1325 g
  • Stock Insoles: 18 & 18 g

Buckles: 4 light alloy with cable bales

Power Strap: 44 mm elastic “Booster” strap

Shell Material:
Cuff: Plant-based Grilamid
Lower Shell / Shoe: Plant-based Grilamid with carbon-Grilamid insert
Tongue: Pebax Renew
Liner: Intuition 4Pro Flex XT

Soles: Fixed GripWalk (ISO 23223)

Binding Compatibility: GripWalk, MN, Pin / Tech bindings 

Tech Fittings: Dynafit Certified

Kara Williard reviews the Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W for BLISTER.
23/24 Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W
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For the 22/23 season, Scarpa released their 4-Quattro series of boots, which was a bit of a departure from what Scarpa is best known for. While their 4-Quattro boots are made of lightweight materials, offer a generous 61° stated range of motion, tech fittings, and other touring-friendly features, their 4-buckle layout, hybrid-2-piece design, GripWalk soles, lower-volume fit, and Scarpa’s own marketing copy positions them more closely to resort and “50/50” ski boots designed to handle both lift-accessed and human-powered skiing.

Given that, it’s been interesting to compare the 4-Quattro XT W to slightly heavier 50/50 alpine touring boots and more touring-specific boots such as the updated 23/24 Scarpa Gea RS and Maestrale RS.

We have some days in both the men’s 4-Quattro XT and the women-specific version, and while we need more time in them before publishing a full review, here’s some initial information on the women’s 4-Quattro XT.

What Scarpa Says about the 4-Quattro XT Women’s:

“The SCARPA Women’s 4-Quattro ski boot is one of the most versatile in our lineup, offering a little bit of everything for the skier who shreds a little bit of everything. Compatible with alpine touring bindings, this boot sports a 61-degree range of motion in walk mode – plenty of articulation to keep you comfortable while you climb. The four-buckle design with a Booster strap up top works with the Grilamid carbon-based shell to give you a generous 115 flex rating, enough to handle chunder or hard-pack laps at the resort. Built primarily using plant-based materials, this eco-friendly boot is also compatible with all alpine GripWalk bindings, so you can go from the backcountry to the resort, without needing a second pair of boots.”

Kara Williard reviews the Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W for BLISTER.
Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W

The 4-Quattro Series

Here’s a full list of the 4-Quattro series, with flex ratings and prices:


  • 4-Quattro XT: 130 flex, $799
  • 4-Quattro SL: 120 flex, $699


  • 4-Quattro XT Women’s: 115 flex, $799
  • 4-Quattro SL Women’s: 100 flex, $699

Weight & Comparisons

In terms of weight, the Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W is more similar to midweight touring boots than 50/50 boots, which is interesting, given that Scarpa is positioning it as more of a 50/50 boot. With 4 (more-or-less) traditional buckles and a stated flex of 115, this weight is on the lighter side of things.

Below is a number of our measured weights of other boots with walk mechanisms. We list the weights of each shell + the weights of each liner, then the total weights of the shells + liners. We’ve also added some stated weights of other boots, for reference.

21/22 Scarpa F1 LT W (27): 930 g (stated weight)
21/22 Atomic Backland Pro W (24.5): 1030 g (stated weight)
22/23 Tecnica Zero G Tour Scout W (24.5): 1052 & 1052 + 185 & 188 = 1237 & 1240 g
21/22 Dynafit Hoji W (24.5) 1230 g (stated weight)
23/24 Scarpa Gea RS (25.0): 1049 & 1057 + 215 & 223 = 1264 & 1280 g
22/23 Scarpa 4-Quattro XT (24.5) 1114 & 1116 + 207 & 209 = 1321 & 1325 g
22/23 K2 Dispatch LT W (24.5): 1120 & 114 + 235 + 232 = 1355 & 1346 g
22/23 Hawx Ultra XTD 115 W CT GW (24.5): 1458 g (stated weight)
21/22 Rossignol Alltrack Elite 110 LT W (24.5): 1530 g (stated weight)
21/22 Salomon Shift Pro AT (24.5): 1570 g (stated weight)
22/23 Lange XT3 110 LV W (24.5): 1614 g (stated weight)
22/23 Tecnica Cochise Pro W (24.5): 1285 & 1289 + 343 & 330 = 1628 & 1619 g
22/23 K2 Mindbender 115 W (24.5): 1640 g (stated weight)
22/23 Head Kore 105 W (24.5): 1372 & 1373 + 407 & 405 = 1779 & 1778 g
23/24 K2 Mindbender 115W BOA (24.5) 1462 & 1456 + 375 & 377 = 1857 & 1858

2023-2024 Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W, BLISTER

Things We’re Curious About

We have spent a few days this spring in the Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W, and most recently, we have been comparing it to its more touring-oriented and slightly lighter sibling, the 23/24 Gea RS. But as we spend more time on it, we are still left with some questions:

(1) Is the 4-Quattro XT W best thought of as a truly one-boot-quiver, 50/50 boot, or does its lighter construction make it more comparable to similarly light, more touring-specific boots?

(2) How does the 4-Quattro compare to the new 23/24 Gea RS, which has a stated flex of 120 and only slightly lighter weight? And how do the two vary in fit?

(3) How does the 4-Quattro XT W compare to heavier 50/50 boots such as the Tecnica Cochise Pro W and Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 115 W?

Stay Tuned

The Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W is unchanged for the 23/24 season, and we look forward to logging more time in it, following our initial testing this season. In the meantime, you can sign up to become a Blister Member to read our Flash Review of the men’s version for initial on-snow impressions and notes about fit.

Flash Review

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2023-2024 Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W, BLISTER
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2 comments on “2023-2024 Scarpa 4-Quattro XT W”

  1. For $100 you get:

    1. Grilamid (XT) vs Pebax (SL) shell materials.
    2. A stiffer & very slightly thicker Intuition liner.
    3. A really nice quick-release power strap ala Booster (real elastic). The SL is a basic velcro power strap.
    4. Blue.

    Seems like it should be $50, right? Though in reality, Grilamid is a royal pain to mold, so I’ll give them that.

    I’m not calling these 50/50 boots, maybe 80/20 tour. It is a beef touring boot, or maybe a Japan/EU/BC travel boot to use any ski. Walks better than most, skis a skooch better than ZGTP and most important, fits narrow like a good, solid LV alpine boot. For now, that makes it a unicorn in touring boots, since everything is trending to medium volume (hot dog in a hallway). Making boots a bit wider is not hard and gives bootfitters a living. Making boots narrower mostly does not work.

    The only kinda dumb things are breaking boots (at the walk pin, the mold is certainly fixed by now) and the whole Gripwalk deal, but even that may come in handy for aforementioned travel, so there’s that. These fill a really nice need between alpine plugs & fast/long tour pixie boots (still looking for a good narrow option).

    Still waiting for that full review…

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