Women’s Fall Boots

Fact: none of us need super technical, severe-weather gear all of the time.

Sometimes, you just need a good looking sweater or some casual boots to wear around.

Yes, this stuff still needs to be functional, but you’re not going to go summit Everest in it, so it might as well look great around town, too.

But there are a hell of a lot of sweaters and pants and shirts out there, and it’s easy to waste a bunch of time trying to find the good stuff.

So we’re starting a new series that’s intended to save you some time and introduce you to some things we like.

We’ll do the sorting and the sifting for you, and we’ll only feature items that we have vetted and can vouch for.

And since we’re not looking for these items to stand up to excessive abuse or the most extreme conditions, these reviews won’t be any longer than they need to be.

Think of it as the Blister Style Guide.



A few weeks ago we introduced you to some of our favorite Men’s Fall Boots. Now it’s time for our favorite Women’s:

• El Naturalista Torcal N305

• Woolrich Beebee Leather

• EMU Tasman Mini



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