1-Ski-Boot Quiver; Listener Questions; Skis; Apparel; & Masks (Ep.127)

Luke Koppa and I discuss listener questions about ski quivers; 1-boot quivers; some game-changing news in the ski boot world; a number of skis, apparel pieces, and ski masks we’ve been testing; & what we’re celebrating this week.


  • Watch the YouTube Video of this Episode
  • Mood Enhancers: Skiing & Georgetown Beer (2:45)
  • Listener Questions: ski quivers (6:35)
  • 1-Boot Quiver (14:55)
  • Game-Changing Ski Boot News (22:50)
  • Skis we’ve been testing (28:00)
  • Apparel we’ve been testing (45:54)
  • Masks we’ve been testing (59:00)
  • What We’re Celebrating This Week (1:05:10)


9 comments on “1-Ski-Boot Quiver; Listener Questions; Skis; Apparel; & Masks (Ep.127)”

  1. I’ve been trying the Fischer Free Ranger 130 as a ONE boot, and now I’m looking a dedicated alpine boot. It tours fairly well, and skis dh well, it’s relatively light, but the liner is a dealbreaker and kinda makes the boot a waste of $, I don’t think they should call it a 50/50 boot, more like a beefy touring boot. I sized it for the stock liner which is great for spring touring, but for winter alpine it’s just way to thin and perforated, even on moderate days with toe warmers it’s super cold, and the heel lets a surprising amount of snow in, and I sized it for the stock liner so there isn’t room for an intuition liner, plus that would be another $200 and for that price I could have just got 2 pair boots, Fischer told me to get heated socks! I don’t know if they’ll ever do a good job on a 50/50 boot, because that would reduce overall boot sales, but I think the best solution is to just have it come with 2 liners, both the same thickness but different warmth materials.

  2. My new boot is the Lang XT3 130LV. Technically it’s not a 1 boot quiver because I don’t really tour. I don’t live out west and I am fairly restricted for time. So it’s a side country, think Jackson Hole and an inbounds boot. I’m 68, 160 lbs. I still climb for runs, think Telluride, Aspen Highlands, Kicking Horse, Alta/Snowbird.. My last boot was the Salomon QST 130, had 4 seasons in them, a difficult boot to modify. Had trouble early, decided to do aggressive mods which luckily worked out well, but they had poor insulation, I used chemical warmers much of the time. ROM was poor but adequate. The Lang is better in almost every way, feels much more like an alpine boot. On my foot it gets the forefoot fit and heel fit exactly right. The cuff and boot design gives me a progressive feel in comfort and it’s definitely a 130. I don’t need a more more aggressive boot. ROM, while not as good as a dedicated tour boot it’s much better than the QST. I have just done the 6th toe push and now I am a happy camper. It’s a bit heavier than the QST but for me that’s inconsequential, my only gripe is they are tough to get on and off. All in all for me this choice of boot is far better than a straight alpine boot.

    • I skied this boot last season added a intuition wrap and booster strap 100 last , so far it did everything I asked of it this is my first over lap boot 10 plus years , not as comfortable as my dabello Lupo 130 wrap also felt softer flexing , stance and alignment felt real good out of the box and I felt real confident first day out in them , next up a little more work on one shell for comfort then I will be ready to tour in them , I ski at big sky and they have plenty of terrain for testing most the time is spent on un groomed runs and would give this boot a 10 It performed great in all conditions and when you hit the groomers it tips and carves with no compromise , not sure of the shell material since this was a test boot sometimes there not the same as production , planning on using the factory liner for touring if needed and if all goes well i will become a one quiver boot set up . I never thought I would be in a Lange !

  3. If your feet fit it. The Hoji Free is an amazing boot. Ive used it at a carving camp at mammoth and is now my only boot for PNW skiing.
    Size up as they run small

  4. Jonathan, can you speak a bit more to the performance increase that one experiences with a Booster strap? I’m one of the many you reference in the podcast that has not used a Booster strap, but I’ve heard you speak highly of them over the years. How does a Booster strap change the way the boot performs and where would one see the most obvious difference when replacing the stock power strap with a Booster?

    • I switched to a Booster strap. Mostly because the Velcro of the stock strap was shredding my pants.
      I did NOT notice a huge difference. It might be there, but it certainly wasn’t night and day. This might relate to skiing skill. I am not a particularly skilled skier.

      Related to that, does anyone know of a lightweight, elastic strap, without velcro?
      I want to replace the power strap on my daughters Ranger Free boot, with somehting velcroless, and would like to try an elastic strap, but the Booster strap is ridiculously heavy, and this boot is used for touring too.

  5. Useful info regarding boots. I appreciate the comments regarding how important fit is and like a fingerprint, no two feet are alike. Like the shoutout to ZipFit also. One of the best ski equipment ‘accessory’ purchases I’ve ever made. Highly recommend.

  6. Would you also put a Booster strap on the Lange XT3? Never used a Booster strap before, but considering putting it on my Maestrale RS, and I also don’t know if I should use the Expert/Race or World Cup.

  7. I 100% agree with the idea of better off with 2 boots, one ski, than 2 skis one boot for touring/resort.
    50/50 boots are aspirational. For the occasional skin up the resort. Nothing wrong with that, but call them 90/10 boots.
    My progression to touring was like most: got some used skis years ago with Barons and toured in my plugged race boots, no walk mode. Had FUN. Then I got some clapped out Dynafit ONE PX. WOW that made uphill so much better. Downhill was… interesting.
    Got pin bindings on MTN 95. yes lighter but not as game changing as the boots.
    got fitted for Scarpa F80 (red is fast) and not going touring in so-called 50/50 boots. or skiing lifts.
    that said, I long for a boot that can truly do both. Maybe by removing stuff like buckles or whatever. or swapping liners. but at that point just get another pair of boots.

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