2020 Running Shoe Trends & Current Events (Ep.63)


  • Current Running Shoe Trends (2:40)
  • Brand Marketing (8:36)
  • Carbon? (17:00)
  • The Blister Maddie Pro (18:03))
  • Minimalist Shoes (25:05)
  • Heavier Shoes? (29:00)
  • Massive Heels (31:50)
  • Some Current Events & Trends (36:44)

This week we take a look at the trends in running shoes for 2020. Jonathan Ellsworth is joined by Maddie Hart and Gordon Gianniny to talk about knit uppers on trail shoes (??), massive heels, marketing copy, and we even design our own ‘Blister Pro’ shoe. Then we wrap up by talking about a few current events and get Maddie and Gordon’s upcoming plans.

2020 Running Shoe Trends & Current Events (Ep.63), BLISTER
Hoka One One TenNine

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