Abby & Cordis Hall on Couple Goals, FKTs, & their Pfiffner Traverse ‘Date Run’ (Ep. 56)


  • Something about observability? (3:10)
  • Setting dual FKTs for the Cottonwood Marble Loop (7:33)
  • FKT rule that should be reconsidered? (12:17)
  • Their running backgrounds & approaches (14:18)
  • Relationship Dynamics & Couple Goals (35:47)
  • Upcoming FKT attempt of the Pfiffner Traverse (47:43)
  • Running plans after that? (1:00:21)
  • Cooking recipes & advice for lazy people (1:04:21)

Abby and Cordis Hall are both very good runners who both run for Adidas TERREX and who both recently set FKTs for the Cottonwood Marble Loop in Death Valley. And Abby and Cordis are soon going to both be going after another FKT, this time, on the rather gnarly Pfiffner Traverse.

So we discuss all of that, plus the benefits and challenges that arise when your partner is also a competitive runner. And we also talk about a current rule that is in place specifically for women’s FKTs that deserves to be re-considered.

Abby Hall & Cordis Hall go on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss the FKT of the Cottonwood Marble Loop, their upcoming FKT attempt on the Pfiffner Traverse, and more
Abby & Cordis Hall.

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