Addie Bracy on Her Trajectory, Sports Psychology, & OUTrun (Ep. 58)


  • Addie’s intro to running (3:43)
  • Highlights from college racing (9:41)
  • Life after U of North Carolina (10:50)
  • Coaching & Getting into Ultras (14:25)
  • Addie’s book on sports psychology (22:12)
  • Competition & Culture: trail running vs road running (29:02)
  • What is the mission of OUTrun? (39:14)
  • The importance of doing what you love (51:00)

Addie Bracy went from being an up and coming track & cross country athlete to being a very accomplished trail runner, with a top 10 finish last year at Western States, a 2nd place finish at Leadville, and a World Championship Team Gold Medalist in Mountain Running and … I could go on here for a long time.

But one thing you’ll notice in this conversation is that … we actually don’t talk about any of those specific races or achievements, because there’s just so much other stuff to talk about with Addie, like the psychology of sports performance, and we do talk quite a bit about Addie’s background and how it led her to the study of this field, and to the book that she is now writing and finishing up on the topic.

And then we also talk about the organization that she founded with her partner, Corey Conner, called OUTrun, to empower and connect LGBTQ+ individuals within the running community and to create an environment that is encouraging, supportive, and inclusive to all.

And along those lines, Addie lays out what she believes would be some of the most significant steps that the running community — and race event organizers — could take to make the running community more inclusive and more welcoming.

Addie Bracy on Her Trajectory, Sports Psychology, & OUTrun (Ep. 58), BLISTER
Addie Bracy at Western States

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