SRAM’s New Eagle Transmission and Stealth Brakes (Ep.162)

SRAM’s new Eagle Transmission and Stealth Brakes (Ep.162)
SRAM Eagle XX Transmission

The new Eagle Transmission is a big addition to SRAM’s lineup and while it still uses a derailleur, cassette, and chain as we’re all used to, a lot of the details are very, very different. So I sat down with SRAM’s Chris Mandell to talk about the new groupsets and the thinking behind them, from the “Full Mount” derailleur, to all the ways that they’ve simplified installation and setup, the new controllers, and a whole lot more.


  • Why’s it called a “Transmission”? (1:58)
  • The derailleur (3:50)
  • Eagle Transmission tiers (14:12)
  • Transmission compatibility & support for older drivetrains (20:48)
  • Transmission setup (22:28)
  • Shifting under load (32:08)
  • Cross-compatibility (41:18)
  • Cassette gearing (45:25)
  • Controllers (47:15)
  • New Stealth Brakes (53:52)


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