Billy Yang on Running, Filmmaking, Media, Moving (??), & More (Ep.72)

Billy Yang goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss filmmaking, his podcast, running career, and more
Billy Yang

Billy Yang is (among other things) a runner, filmmaker (Billy Yang Films), podcast host (Billy Yang Podcast), and someone who has been chronicling the sport of running in a fashion that is often beautiful, and always inspiring.

In this conversation, Brendan Leonard and I talk to Billy about everything from cigarette brands to the need for more compassionate critical thinking in our world.


  • Smoking / not smoking (1:52)
  • Filmmaking & influences (8:23)
  • Different mediums (16:54)
  • Immigration (22:08)
  • Finishing projects (34:10)
  • LA & moving? (43:25)
  • NFL and the NBA (51:02)
  • Podcasting & media (57:07)
  • Hopes for the coming year (59:09)


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