Brendan Leonard on Running 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks (Ep.30)


  • What did you just do, and why? (1:50)
  • Defining the rules for these ‘marathons’? (8:10)
  • Eating donuts & running (20:51)
  • Why did you tell so few people about your goal? (23:01)
  • Injuries? (29:25)
  • What was the hardest part of the project? (32:08)
  • What was the best part? (34:35)
  • Funniest moment? (40:00)
  • Goals for 2020? (45:10)

For 2019, Brendan Leonard set a goal for himself: run 52 ‘marathons’ in 52 weeks. He told very few people about this goal — including me until just a few weeks ago — and I am very proud to report that Brendan accomplished his goal with several weeks to spare.

So in this conversation, I talked to Brendan about what prompted him to create this plan; why he decided to tell very few people about it; exactly what the parameters were for these ‘marathons’; how he handled the logistics; what he learned along the way; and more.

This is a fun one, and it might just inspire you to think creatively about some goals for 2020

Brendan Leonard talks on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast about how and why he ran 52 marathons over the course of a single year
Brendan and Syd at Mile 20 of the NYC Marathon.

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