Camille Herron on Rocky Balboa, Training, & More World Records (Ep. 62)


  • Taco Bell update (3:16)
  • Early basketball aspirations (5:16)
  • Track & cross country background (12:21)
  • Marathons & the Olympic Trials (15:27)
  • Getting into Ultras, breaking world records (17:43)
  • Next Up: Trail Running (22:25)
  • Telling Nike to Just Do It (23:53)
  • Winning the 2017 Comrades Marathon (28:19)
  • The advantage of a twisted femur (36:01)
  • How Camille trains (41:15)
  • Sponsorships & Gender Equality (49:04)
  • Rocky Balboa & the IAU 24-Hr World Championship (55:59)
  • Camille’s upcoming plans & goals (1:02:56)

What do Taco Bell, the Harlem Globetrotters, a twisted femur, & Rocky Balboa have in common? They’ve all played a role in the journey of Camille Herron to become a world champion runner and a multiple world record holder — and Camille still has some very big plans. So Brendan Leonard and I talk with Camille about all of the above, including her unusual path to trail running, and what her sights are set on next.

Camille Herron goes on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast to discuss her running career, Taco Bell, Rocky Balboa, World Records, & more
Camille Herron running the Tarawerra Ultramarathon

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