Cappuccino Cowboys Apologizes + Jared Hazen & Eric Senseman (Ep.26)


  • Apologies for last week (1:45)
  • If “The Guys” were Sex & the City characters (2:50)
  • Mr. Cappuccino on Jared & Eric (6:25)
  • Jared & Eric join the call?? (9:38)
  • TNF 50 Recap (14:25)
  • Which @cappuccinocowboys post made you genuinely angry? (16:45)

Last week on Off The Couch, we talked to Mr. Cappuccino of the Cappuccino Cowboys. And we were informed by our assistant that he wanted to come back to issue an apology. And while I had zero intention of ever allowing him back on the show, I felt like an apology to our audience was in order.

And then — in much happier news — we also ended up being joined by Jared Hazen and Eric Senseman, where we got to ask them some pointed questions about why they continue to associate with Mr. Cappuccino, and more.

Cappuccino Cowboys goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to "apologize" and then Eric Senseman and Jared Hazen go on to discuss the TNF 50 race
Mr. Cappuccino

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