Is Cappuccino Cowboys Ruining Ultrarunning? (Ep.25)


  • What is @cappuccinocowboys? (1:55)
  • Who are the Cappuccino Cowboys? (11:10)
  • Do you think you deserve to be on this show? (24:01)
  • Why do people let you hang around? (30:55)
  • Why cappuccino? (36:30)
  • Exclusive memes for Off The Couch (40:20)
  • Are your parents proud of you? (43:31)
  • Lifeboat Question: Jim, Jared, Eric, Tommy, & Cody… (44:45)
  • Helping Walmsley get lost at Western States (47:50)

What is Cappuccino Cowboys, and who is the person behind it?

Is he an evil genius hell-bent on ruining ultrarunning? A provocateur shaking up the stodgy state of running media? Or is he just a giant pain in the ass of Jim Walmsley, Eric Senseman, Jared Hazen, Cody Reed, Tommy Rivs and a few other unfortunate souls?

We spoke to Mr. Cappuccino himself to find out.

6 comments on “Is Cappuccino Cowboys Ruining Ultrarunning? (Ep.25)”

  1. Meh.
    I’m not offended by the dumb premise of this episode. I’m just not interested.
    Boring and stupid ‘interview’ that I deleted 14 minutes into it.
    Get back to your smart interviews with interesting guests.

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