Cedric Eveleigh of LAL Bikes, on Reinventing the Derailleur (Ep.94)

Mountain bike derailleur drivetrains haven’t fundamentally changed for just about as long as there have been mountain bikes — until now, anyway. Cedric Eveleigh has a very promising idea for how to rethink the derailleur and founded LAL Bikes to make it a reality. So we brought Cedric on to talk about the limitations of existing derailleurs; why gearboxes (still) haven’t taken off; prototyping and refining the Supre Drive; what’s next for LAL Bikes, and more.


  • The origins of the Supre Drive concept (1:35)
  • How the Supre Drive works (2:58)
  • The limitations of gearboxes (5:25)
  • Prototyping & refinement (15:15)
  • What’s next for the Supre Drive (35:44)
  • The LAL Bikes & Supre Drive names (41:56)
  • Cedric’s (other) Big Idea (43:39)


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