Coalition Snow: 10 Years of Skis & Snowboards, 23/24 Lineup, & More w/ Founder & CEO, Jen Gurecki (Ep.242)

I speak with Coalition Snow founder and CEO, Jen Gurecki. We discuss what it has looked like to start and run a ski and snowboard brand owned and operated by women that designs products for everyone; what the evolution of these business goals has looked like; their brick-and-mortar storefront; “Far Out” trips around the world; inclusive initiatives designed to grow snowsports and build a lasting community; Coalition’s 23/24 ski and snowboard lineup; what needs to happen for the ski industry to survive and thrive; Jen’s goals for the future; and more.


  • So Much Powder (3:03)
  • Founding Coalition Snow (5:20)
  • Skis by Women, for Anyone (11:45)
  • The Evolution of the Brand (17:09)
  • The Team at Coalition Snow (22:01)
  • Far Out: Retail Space (24:45)
  • Far Out Trips & Jen’s Guiding Experience (28:17)
  • Indigenous Backcountry Scholarship (34:43)
  • Coalition Clubhouse (37:26)
  • The 2024 Ski Lineup (39:08)
  • The 2024 Snowboard Lineup (43:53)
  • Survival of the Industry (46:00)
  • Looking Ahead (52:11)



2 comments on “Coalition Snow: 10 Years of Skis & Snowboards, 23/24 Lineup, & More w/ Founder & CEO, Jen Gurecki (Ep.242)”

  1. Surprised this conversation didn’t include any mention of Coalition Snow being at the Blister Summit! Seems like a great match and a greater draw for women to participate.

    Is Coalition Snow a B Corp?

  2. Hi Isaac, we’re hoping to be there but the summit falls just a few days after our trip to Japan. We’re a really small team and hoping to make it. Perhaps we can get you on our skis if we’re there? And no, we are not a B Corp — the amount of human and financial capital required to become a B Corp would put our small business at risk. Although we are in line with and practicing the values and actions of a B Corp, it’s not a smart business decision at this time.

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