Coree Woltering on his Ice Age Trail FKT, Catcalls, & Tick Removal (Ep.67)

Coree Woltering goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss setting the FKT for the Ice Age Trail, how he got started running, ticks & mosquitos, and more
Coree Woltering on his way to setting the FKT for the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. (photo by Dream Lens Media)

Our guest today is definitely one of the most interesting ultrarunners out there, Coree Woltering. So Brendan Leonard and I talked to Coree about the one time when a catcall actually worked on someone; why the running world (still) needs to stop overlooking midwestern athletes; Quick Trip burgers and how to remove ticks and deal with bird-sized mosquitoes; and the injury and the miracle that happened while he was setting a new FKT on the Ice Age Trail.


  • Quick Trip Burgers & FKTs (5:32)
  • Catcalls, skydiving & a white minivan (12:31)
  • Start of Trail Running and Biology (29:17)
  • Ice Age FKT, Ticks, Mosquitos (40:30)
  • The injury & the miracle (51:27)

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