David Roche on the Philosophy Behind His Coaching (Ep.14)


  • Races as celebrations of training (3:50)
  • David’s days as a 210 lb football player (5:45)
  • David’s philosophy (16:05)
  • Running and Death (26:00)
  • How have you most improved as a coach? (32:40)
  • Insecurity (36:34)
  • Training for fast twitch vs. slow twitch (47:08)
  • Is success for yourself or your clients more fulfilling? (51:22)
  • David’s book, Happy Runner (53:17)
  • “SWAP” running (57:17)
  • Would you coach non-runners? (58:22)

By many measures, David Roche is one of the most successful running coaches out there. But he is certainly not the most “conventional” running coach out there.

And while data-driven training play an important role in the “SWAP” coaching program run by David and his wife Megan, there are some foundational and existential principles that underlie their approach to running, coaching, and life.

So we explore with David the philosophy and principles that undergird his coaching; how he arrived at them; his evolution from being a 200 lb. football & baseball player to two-time national champion in the 10k; how he has evolved and improved as a running coach; what new training ideas seem most promising to him; whether he would consider coaching non-runners; and more.

David Roche talks with Jonathan Ellsworth about his SWAP coaching program on Blister's Off The Couch podcast.
Megan & David Roche in Boulder, CO. (photo: Megan & David Roche)

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